My name is Michael Broderick

Web developer, and creator of Black Boar Software

3D Solar System

[WIP] Animated model of the solar system using Three.js

I'm particularly fond of the subtle effect caused by the earth's clouds' transparent mesh rotating independently of the earth's crust's mesh.

Plan for the future is to use NASA's API to display information about the planets when clicked.

Teacher's Personal Website

Demo of a promotional site for a laguanges teacher and translator.

Made to be highly flexible and customizable so it can be quickly tweaked to the customer's specifications. Uses SVGs to create attractive backgrounds, and an eye catching overlapping effect on the two main divs.

Gallery Website

Responsive painting gallery website displaying an implementation of animation via DOM manipulation on the homepage, plus a click-to-fullscreen feature, and css-animated icons on the gallery site.

App Marketing Site Sample

Sample of a mobile-first, responsive landing page of an unspecified app.

Example of utilizing Bootstrap grid, Bootstrap components, and copyright-free images from Unsplash to efficiently create a customizable landing page.

Guitar E-guide

[WIP] Guide to guitar model technical specifications. Full fledged web app using Boostrap for front end; Node.js, Express, and MongoDB for backend; Complete CRUD implementation, and scalability.

User accounts, including authentication and verification, can be implemented in the future, if deemed beneficial.